Xin Chao – Hello from Vietnam!

Welcome – so nice to see you here! Dreaming of traveling to Vietnam? You may already have plane tickets in your pocket! Or are you still wondering if Vietnam really is a nice travel destination to you? In any case, I am sure you’ll find a lot of useful information in this blog.

My story

This blog is based on my own experiences of traveling and living in Vietnam for several months. My husband is working in Vietnam and I live part-time here and part-time in our home country Finland. It is October 2017 now and I have just arrived in Vietnam to spent here three or four months.


In this blog I’ll share my tips and stories to you who are not a backpacker but  an “ordinary” adult western traveller, with no severe budget constraints. You want to have adventures as safe and comfort as possible. You want to stay in a nice hotel with delicious breakfast, clean sheets and good shower. You like shopping souvenirs and eating local food in nice restaurants.  Some museums and historical sites include in your travel program. Extreme experiences, motorcycle tours or budget hostels are not for you.

I consider myself an experienced traveller. My family has always travelled a lot, mostly in Europe and in the US. I have visited 36 countries. Italy has been our favorite destination for over a decade. Vietnam was the first country I ever visited in the Far East.

Last year our home base was in Hanoi, the Capital. Now we live in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon. Until now, we have made trips to Danang, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ha Giang mountain area in the north, and of course Halong Bay. These all will be covered in my blog, with other places we will hopefully get to visit during next months.

Enjoy Vietnam!