5 reasons to travel to Vietnam

I came for my first visit in Vietnam in October 2016. I have since spent half of my time here, half in my home country. Based on my experiences so far, I give you five reasons why I have been enjoying being here so much.

  1. Versatility: In Vietnam, you’ll find exotic beaches, fascinating cities, ancient history, diverse culture, wonders of nature, nice and kind people and delicious food. The only problem is that there are too many attractive options, too many interesting places and things to see in a two-week vacation.
  2. Climate: It is warm year-round, which is so nice for a person from the land of cold and snow! Here you don’t need long sleeves, socks or gloves, except in some cooler days in the northern parts of the country.
  3. Prices: Western tourists with a normal, average budget can travel very nicely and comfortably in Vietnam. Travelling around the country, eating in restaurants, shopping souvenirs, using laundry services and going to museums is very affordable. For example, the entrance fee to one of the most popular museums, War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, is 15 000 dongs, which is less than one euro.
  4. Authentic culture: In Vietnam, there are still not many resorts or towns that are built only for tourist industry. One of my friends said that when it comes to tourism, Vietnam is now at the level, which Thailand had in the 1980’s. This doesn’t mean that there are no tourist services at all. This means that wherever you spend your vacation, you get to see how ordinary Vietnamese people live. I think this is one of the best attractions in Vietnam.
  5. Food: One of the best things in travelling is getting to taste local food. In Vietnam, enjoying this part of the vacation is very easy. Vietnamese food is tasty, fresh and healthy. Different parts of the country have their own local specialities. Food in the North differs from food in the South. The city of Hue in the Central Vietnam is said to be a food capital of Vietnam. And if you want to have a pizza instead of pho, you will find it in every town.